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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pfft no relationshiz today. Only this amazing thing called KARAOKE!

I'm sorry if you came to this site today expecting to read some outrageous things Max did. We have separate lives sometimes, and mine just happens to be on the internet. I'm cool, I know. I signed up for a karaoke blog ring. What's that? It's where a bunch of cool kids 20-somethings sign up to post a video of themselves doing karaoke on another blogger's site. This month's theme was Show Tunes. To see my rendition of Part of Your World, check out super cool Erin's site at The Post Modern Talk-O who JUST moved to Paris. Love her.

Now here's your treat. I get to host December's blogger of the month: the real Mandy Moore. Not the so-called actress but the real-life hottie. (<--I wanted to let you know that my spell-check thinks "hottie" should be spelled "hogtie." Waaaay different! Although some sickos people may indeed want to hogtie that hottie.) 
With that, I think I'll turn it over to her!


Before I'm officially ousted as the Karaoke Ring Cheater, I'd just like to say this:

People. I understand we don't all celebrate the Christmas. But we do have other Holiday songs. I know, because I sung some back in high school chorus before I got too cool. Why the hell, did we vote to do showtunes in December?

I'll be completely blunt and honest (because that's me). I am not nearly cultured enough to have ever seen a show, let alone know a damn thing about showtunes. I mean, look who you're dealing with here. I consulted with Google, and I couldn't even pretend to know Rent, or Cats, or that little Annie chick. Unless you wanted the Jay-Z version of "It's a Hard Knock Life," it wasn't happening.

So I selected Showtunes as the genre in "iTunes" heh. And but alas! It said the music from Dirty Dancing was within the showtune genre! Now whether or not you agree with this, it's whatever. Take it up with them. It was either this or the Gilligan's Island theme song or nothing. BUT, you guys thought I couldn't sing last time because my computer fritzed and you couldn't hear anything and I had to dub the music in later and it was horrendous and...yeah. This time, I decided to sit right here in front of the screen and mic with no dancing, and no kidding if I didn't do 24 takes before settling on this one because it was the most decent of the 24 and by the end I was so tired and mad, I just gave up. But whatdoyaknow? I still can't sing.

If anyone knows how to fix a broken laptop mic and/or speakers, (because, who do you think I am, Bill Gates?) get at me. Otherwise for sanity and not embarassment's sake, I'm going to have to disappear from this ring forever. Or until I get a new computer.

Which could be years.

Anyway, check out my very special Nipocalypse Pal, Miss Ginntastic on my blog! You can call her Gin for short. Duh.

Thanks for entertaining our efforts, folks. And thanks, Risha for putting this together!


  1. LOL at "You could be a farmer in those clothes.." I love that you have captions for this video. Are you trying to get extra youtube hits with all that cleavage? Just kidding, great job, even if the sound quality wasn't awesome.

  2. You didn't look like an ass...more like a snake...like in a good way though! Also, does anyone else start watching Dirty Dancing or um, your boobs whenever this song is playing?

  3. HAHAHA wow, this is brilliance. "Don't do that." Yes yes yes. Perfect song for boobage.


  4. I have to admit I wasn't watching the video as much as I was watching your boobs. Seriously, you and Jes have the perfect strategy- who's listening to you sing when there's boobage?

    Great tune for boobage.. and damn that mic!

  5. there's a reason why I call you mandy moore boobs.

    I love your little wiggle!

  6. Holy. Shit.

    I think I'm in love?

    There is a bit at the start where your body is moving but your head is completely still. Kind like this: http://tinyurl.com/28ogsbz - was that intentional? I hope so...

  7. I dunno, has anyone mentioned your boobs?! BOOBS.

    Your snake wiggle is amazing. I want to dance like that right now. *snake wiggle*

    I feel better.

  8. This is great! The captions are hilarious. You work that sort-of-showtune!

  9. First off, let me just clarify: I was not trying to showcase the tatas. I did 24 takes of this damn song and the button kept popping open. By the time I got to whatever take this was, I just didn't care because all's I wanted was a decent enough video thus putting less attention and focus on the girls.

    You guys are all Silly Snakes. But thanks for not making total fun of me!

  10. *snake wiggle*

    You're practically a professional dancer, Mandy. And? Boobs.

  11. Now I feel like My video was even lamer than I originally thought. I should have rocked the Boobs too. And a song I could wiggle around to. NEXT TIME I'll know what I Should have done.

    Awesome. :)

    By the way, the only reason I know Tomorrow from Annie.... Cause I watched the movie. BUT It counts cause it was on broadway too. I too am an uncultured person who doesn't Watch Shows.

  12. Dear God, Mandy, who cares if you can't understand what you're singing... you're doing the next round of singing NAKED! Or at least completely topless, kthx. I think I officially have a super major girly crush on you now. This totally bordered on low-key porn.

    Thank you... :)

    Oh, and on a not boob related note, your singing is not so bad. If you bow out next go round, I might have to hurt you. :/

  13. It falls under showtunes because they have the Broadway production of it now :)

    You better not die of embarrassment. Your singing is pretty awesome.

    And I am with Christina, this is so low-key porn. Awesomeness.

  14. I myself am anti-low-key porn, crank it up!


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